Author Guidelines

Author Guidelines

Spring Library Authors

Submitting Research

Need some assistance presenting your article? The description underneath give assets to our authors on the best way to get ready to present their exploration, alongside direction on the most proficient method to ensure they pick the correct journal and information.

Peer Review

The details beneath give data on our Journals’ article forms and review process that happens during the complete submission process, alongside our screening procedures and the article types we accept.

Payment and funding

Open Access publishers like us, Spring Library do not generate revenue from selling subscriptions. Instead, we make all articles we publish freely available online under Open Access terms. We believe the research should be available for free to everyone.  Below you can find resources that provide details on our Article Processing Charges (APCs) and an explanation on why there are important, as well as information on our waiver policies.

Publishing policy

Information on our ethical standards for distribution and publication, data on our policy with respect to research data and guidelines can be found below which covers all key points.